Economic Outline

Population: 2.35 Million (2014)

Population growth rate:1.9%


GDP: US$13.43 billion (December 2014)

GDP per capita: US$4,678 (December 2014)

GDP Growth rate: 4.3% (December 2012)


Key Economic Sectors/GDP:

  • 9% Agriculture & Fishing
  • 12.3% Manufacturing
  • 12.3% Mining & Quarrying
  • 60% Services


Main Export Partners: South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Angola, Netherlands, Spain

Main Import Partners: South Africa, Netherlands, United Kingdom, China


Budget Deficit: 5.4%of GDP (December 2014)

Inflation: 3% (May 2015)


Source (Bank of Namibia, World Bank, Trading Economics)

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