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Trade in Merchandise

Graph 1

In 2013, the value of merchandise exports of Namibia increased substantially by 17.9 percent to reach USD6.3 billion, while its merchandise imports increased moderately by 6.2 percent to reach USD7.6 billion. The merchandise trade balance recorded a relatively small deficit of USD1.2 billion. The largest merchandise trade balance was with Sub-Saharan Africa at USD -1.7 billion. (See Graph 1).

Trade in Services

Graph 2

In 2010 (latest available data at time of publication), the value of exports of services from Namibia increased substantially by 55.1 percent, reaching USD983.8 million. The value of imports of services also increased significantly by 23.2 percent and reached USD704.4 million. There was a moderate trade in services surplus of USD279.4 million. (See Graph 2)



Merchandise Trade Balance

Graph 3

Merchandise exports in Namibia are diversified amongst partners, whereas imports are more concentrated. The top 12 trading partners account for 80 percent or more of exports and only 6 partners account for 80 percent or more of imports. (See Graph 3)

Source: UN Comtrade, UN ServiceTrade

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